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At B.M. Homes Plumbing & Heating we sell, install and repair the finest equipment made.  After all, we stand behind our work and it makes sense that we want our customers to be satisfied and well served.  The great companies that manufacture these products stand behind them as well.  This gives our customers more value and gives us a truly satisfied customer.

Whether you are looking to do a kitchen or bath remodeling project, a conversion from oil to gas heat, or looking to install a new water heater, have a look at some of these fine products, how they perform and how they will help you live better.  Many are high efficiency systems - energy savers that will save you money and help save the environment too!!

Call us with any questions or for more detailed specs on any of these fine products. 

Click on the images to go to the manufacturer's web site to read more.  Don't forget to come back and give us a call at 617-776-4220 for a quote.


Versa Hydro by HTP elite image
Versa Hydro Boiler

The Versa-Hydro Combined Hydronic Appliance represents the latest innovations in hydronic heating technology. The Versa-Hydro is the first device available in the U.S. to provide both domestic hot water and space heating within one compact, efficient device. The all in one design of the Versa-Hydro results in considerable space and cost savings, setting a new standard for environmental responsibility, energy conservation, and consumer convenience.

Elite Boiler
by HTP

Incorporating the latest advancements in low mass modulating condensing boiler technology, the Elite boiler has best in class features throughout the design making it the most efficient product in the market and a at a competitive price. Its aesthetic appeal, versatility, and serviceability make it the right choice for residential or light commercial hydronic space heating.

SuperStor Contender

A result of 25 years of indirect system manufacturing experience. The SuperStor Contender Indirect Water Heater draws energy from a boiler and thus does not need its own heat source. Hot boiler water flows through an internal heat exchanger in the tank, heating the domestic water. The SuperStor Contender tank is constructed of glass lined steel and includes an oversized anode rod to protect against corrosion of the tank.

ModCon Boiler

An intelligent design that delivers hydronic heating at 94% Thermal Efficiency. The high grade modulating gas burner operates at a 5 to 1 turndown ratio to meet variable heating needs. Quality construction, a small footprint, and convenient features make the Mod Con Boiler ideal for most commercial heating applications.

Take advantage of 2016 Old Boiler Replacement Rebates.   Contact B.M. Holmes Plumbing & Heating at 617-776-4220 for more information, or click the links below to read more about the programs.

U.S. Boiler Company provides high efficiency Burnham boilers for space and hot water heating applications in your home... including an extensive line of gas and oil boilers for both water and steam heating applications along with energy-efficient indirect hot water heaters.

alpine image
Alpine by Burnham
Gas-Fired, Condensing
 Stainless Steel Boiler

phoenix image

Phoenix Solar Water Heater

The Phoenix Solar Water Heater is a revolutionary product that combines an internal solar heat exchanger with gas fired back up. When connected to solar collectors, the Phoenix Solar Water Heater harnesses the power of the sun to provide ample domestic hot water while reducing energy costs and pollution. When the sun’s energy is not enough, the gas fired back up heat source engages. Suitable for a variety of commercial and residential water heating needs, including hotels, apartment buildings, restaurants, laundry facilities, schools, homes, and more.

Knight Boiler
 by Locinvar

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